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Amended and Restated By-Laws
As of September 28, 2003
Mid-State Horseman's Association


Article I

 This association shall be known as "Mid-State Horseman's Association"

Article II

The purpose of this Association is to offer its members the opportunity to share with   other members their interest in horses and promote open type horse show.  This Association is per persons in Chilton and surrounding counties.

Article III

This Association is governed by a President/AOHA Director, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, & Points Secretary.  All rule changes and new rules are to be voted on by all club representatives present at the meeting.  Checks drawn on the account of the Mid-State Horseman's Association, for any purpose shall require approval of the president and signed by the Secretary/Treasurer.

The offices that govern this Association will be described as follows:

President/AOHA Director

The President shall preside at all meetings of the corporation and shall sign all certificates of notes, loans, deeds, & obligations of the Association, and generally shall perform all duties usually incumbent upon such officers.

Vice President

The Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President in his/her absence, and such other duties of the president as may be required of him/her.


The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive and have custody of all money and securities of the corporation, and have the care and custody of the books of the said Association.  They shall also make deposits to the said accounts of the Association and also disburse under the Direction of the President and other members of the board.  They shall also keep books and records and perform such all other duties as may be assigned to them by the President.  They shall also submit to the Directors detailed statements of their receipts and disbursements, and shall also from time to time, at request, make reports to the President as to the financial condition of the Association.

Article IV
Rules and Regulation

The following rules shall apply to anyone participating in Mid-State Horseman's Association show or activities regardless of whether the participant is a member.


1.  The Grievance Committee will consist of the two (2) highest ranking   officers present and the ringmaster.  Anyone with a complaint concerning the judge or the show must contact a member of the Grievance Committee.  No one talks to the judge unless the ringmaster is present. **Ringmaster shall not have casual conversation with the judge.**

2.  Anytime the judge feels that a horse should not compete, the judge has the authority to pull the horse from competition.  All drugs are prohibited on show animals.  All horses are subject to periodic drug checks.  Offenders will be suspended from the Mid-State Horseman's Association shows for the calendar year in which the offense occurs.

3.  The judge and ringmaster shall dress in appropriate attire.

4.  The judge shall have the right to prohibit the use of excessively severe equipment and/or shall disqualify any horse that the judge deems physically unfit to participate in any Mid-State Horseman's Association show.

5.  Stallions must be shown by an adult.  An adult is considered to be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

6.  Any exhibitor may enter one (1) or more horses in a class but each horse may have only one rider per class.  This pertains only to timed event classes.  If in a halter, showmanship, English, or Western Pleasure Class, an exhibitor may enter only one horse in a class and this horse may have only one rider per class.

7.  The age of the exhibitor as of January 1 shall be the age under which the exhibitor shows for the remainder of that year.

8.  If there are more than twenty (20) horses in a class, the class must be split.

9.  Added money classes must consist of five or more horses in order for the added money to be paid.  In order for the added money to be paid the exhibitor must also show in one (1) other performance class.

10.  No one (1) exhibitor can delay any class for more than one (1) minute.

11.  No horse can be shown in a performance class without a saddle.

12.  Participants must be fully clothed with a blouse, or shirt buttoned, jeans and hat to enter a class.

13.  All children must be properly supervised by a parent.  Children must be kept off the rail and away from the entrance gate of the arena.  The Association and Ringmaster will enforce this rule.

14.  No dogs are allowed in the show arena.

15.  To qualify for state and year-end awards, it is mandatory to show in 8 (this number will always reflect AOHA requirements) Mid-State Association shows/classes.  These 8 shows must consist of the same rider on the same horse.  In the event of misconduct in this matter, the rider, the horse, and owner or lesser of the horse, will be suspended from Mid-State for 2 years and the AOHA President and Directors will be notified of misconduct and all associated parties.

Gaited Classes***

1.  Persons on Federal Disqualification cannot transport horses to a show and participate, they may only participate as a spectator.

2.  Horses are to be shown at a show walk, slow rack, and fast rack.  Racking horses are allowed to use bands in flat shod.

3.  Western Gaited Flat Shod
    a.) To be shown in western attire and western tack;
    b.) To be shown in show walk and favorite gait;
    c.) All horses must back;
    d.) Horses to be shown with no boots, whip or cross chain cavessons     and bits with no longer than 9.5".  Bits are measured from top to bottom including the ring;
    e.) Shoeing must be according to USDA standards. (Single cork only);
    f. ) Exhibitor can ride either one handed or two handed but must be consistent throughout the class and not alternate hands during the class.

4.  Open Racking Classes
    a. ) Shoeing according to USDA standards
    b. ) To be shown Show walk, slow rack, and fast rack. (Ladies, Men, & Children).  Horses shall wear English Tack.  The exhibitor will wear English riding habit, with the exception of designated western or country pleasure racking classes.  All riding attire shall be neat and properly fitted.  A proper hat is required for a gentleman; a lady's hat is optional.

5.  Style Racking
    a. ) To be shown at a show walk and style rack
    b. ) To be judged on style only.

Lead Line:
The rider is to be eight (8) years old or under.  The horse is to be led by a person fifteen (15) years or older.  This class is to be judged fifty percent (50%) on costume, twenty-five percent (25%) on suitability of horse, and twenty-five percent (25%) on the adult and equipment.

Halter Class
Horses are to be worked at the trot or gait and shown with a halter only.  Any Stallion not kept under control at all times may be disqualified.  Stallions must be shown with a chain across nose or through jaw, and must be shown by an adult.

Western Pleasure Pony Class
1.  A measuring device will be used to measure ponies at the beginning of each pony class.  Ponies should be measured at the beginning of each show season.

2.  Ponies must be measured square.

3.  Any pony fifty-four inches (54") and under cannot be shown in an adult class.

4.  Any pony over fifty-four inches (54") may be shown in juvenile classes.

5.  Ponies are to be shown at a walk, favorite gait, and canter both ways of the arena.  Excessive speed is to be penalized.  Ponies may be asked to back but will not necessarily be judged on it.  The rider should be in proportion to the size of the pony.  Equipment may be English or Western.  This class is to be judged sixty percent (60%) on performance, thirty percent (30%) on conformation and grooming and ten percent (10%) on appointments.

Walk-Trot Pony Classes

The same rules apply as stated in the Pleasure Pony Class except ponies will not be asked to canter.

Western Pleasure Class

1.  Western tack and attire will be required including western hat and western boots.

2.  Horses are to be shown at a walk, trot, and lope on a reasonably loose rein without undue restraint.

3.  Horses must work both ways of the arena at a walk, trot, and lope.

4.  The judge shall have the authority to ask for additional work at a walk, trot, or lope.

5.  Horses are to be reversed to the inside (away from the rail) at a walk or trot.

6.  Horses shall not be asked to reverse at a lope.

7.  The judge may ask the rider to back the horse.

8.  All Western Pleasure Classes will comply with AQHA rules.
    a.  AQHA official handbook of rules and regulations

Color Pleasure

The same rules apply as stated in the Western Pleasures Class with the exception that the only horses to be shown in the class are Palominos, Paints, Pintos, Duns, Buckskins, and Appaloosas.

English Pleasure Class

1.  English or Hunt Seat tack and attire is required.

2.  Coats may or may not be worn at the discretion of the judge.

3.  Horses are to be shown at a walk, trot, and canter both ways in the arena.

4.  The judge has the option of calling for additional work at the extended trot or asking for the canter extended to the hand gallop.

5.  This class will be judged seventy-five percent (75%) on performance and twenty-five percent (25%) on conformation and appointments.

6.  This class is open to all breeds.
All English/Hunter Under Saddle Classes will comply with AQHA rules.  ***AQHA Official Handbook of Rules & Regulation.***

Timed Events

1.  Timed event classes will be governed by AQHA rules, except for the requirement of hats and long sleeved shirts.  Shirts with sleeves/collar.  No tennis shoes, shoes must have heel.

2.  Exhibition runs will pay full amount of entry fees.

3.  All Horses must run in the order they enter.

Super Horse Award

1.  Only Horses may qualify for this award.  Ponies are excluded.

2.  To qualify, a horse must compete in one (1) Halter Class, and two (2) Performance classes and has to earn at least one (1) point.
    a. ) The performance classes can consist of Western Pleasure or English and it must include a Timed Event Class.
    b. ) Showmanship is considered a performance class.

Super Pony Award

1.  Qualifications will be the same as the Super Horse Award.

Year End High Point Awards
(***Entire section revised and clarified***)
In each of the following placings, a high point and reserve high point award will be given.

Before a person is eligible for a year-end award he/she must show in at least the number of shows it takes to qualify for AOHA.  This does not mean that you are required to attend the AOHA State show.


  1.  All points are to be counted as follows: First place (1st)=5 points; Second place (2nd)=4 points; Third place (3rd)=3 points; Fourth place (4th)=2 points; Fifth place (5th)=1 point.  The previous point system will apply when there are at least five (5) entries in a class.  In the event there are less than five (5) entries, points shall be counted according to the number of entries.

  2. All points are to be counted on a one (1) horse, one (1) rider basis.

  3. All points are to be counted from the effective date of membership, which is the date dues are paid.

  4. In the even of a tie for a year-end award, co-high point awards will be given.

  5. If a horse dies or becomes crippled and the exhibitor continues with a second horse, all points accumulated on the first horse will not count on the second horse.

  6. Annual awards will be purchased and planned by a Committee appointed by the President.

  7. In Timed event, if a horse falls during a run, a re-run will not be allowed.

For qualifications for High Point, please click here for Year End Awards


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